The Most Popular Hair Transplant Centers and Hair Transplant Prices in Ankara 2022

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Written by Bahar Ozbal.

The Most Popular Hair Transplant Centers and Hair Transplant Prices in Ankara 2022

Since hair transplantation is a surgical procedure, each clinic or private practice performs hair transplantation in contracted hospitals.

Among them, we have listed the most recommended and high satisfaction clinics for you.
1. Hair Transplant Prices in Ankara
2. Hair Transplantation Centers and Clinics Applying Hair Transplantation in Ankara


1. Hair Transplant Prices in Ankara

hair transplant prices in ankaraHair transplantation Ankara prices vary from person to person, such as the volume of the area to be transplanted, the number of hairs to be transplanted, the number of grafts, the method of hair transplantation and of course.

In addition, another factor that determines the prices of hair transplantation is the district or district where the clinic is located.

Clinics in Ankara are mostly located in Cankaya. Prices vary between 450 dolar and 700 dolar as of 2021.
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In the light of comments and suggestions, you can find the most well-known doctors and clinics performing hair transplantation in Ankara in our list below:

2. Hair Transplantation Centers and Clinics Performing Hair Transplantation in Ankara

1. Emphair Clinic

EmphairEmphair Hair Transplantation Center, with its 12 years of experience in Istanbul, Ankara and Amsterdam, gives you the hair you lost and strengthens your existing hair with supportive treatments. The FUE and DHI techniques you need are made with sapphire tip and unshaven options.
What is the difference between FUE and DHI hair transplant techniques?
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Emphair Hair Transplantation Center hair transplantation whatsapp button The local anesthesia that everyone is afraid of in the hair transplantation process is performed without the use of needles, and in this way, you will experience the comfort to the fullest.
You can review the comment of our patient who shared his result in the 14th month after hair transplantation:
"The result of my 14th month in hair transplantation"
Emphair before and after

2. Ekrem Civas, MD

Civas clinicDr. Ekrem Civas, which has been serving in hair diseases since 1999, stands out in hair transplantation and hair loss treatment.

Dr. Ekrem Civas, where different techniques have been used over the years, hair transplantation has been performed with a mixture of motor and manual methods since 2009.
Hair transplantation prices in the clinic are between 450 dolar and 700 dolar on average and the prices differ according to the hair gap in the relevant region of the patient.

In Inderm; FUE FUT Hair Transplantation, Autologous Stem Cell Therapy, Hair PRP, Mesotherapy, Hair Laser and other treatment services are provided.

You can click the button below to contact the Dr. Ekrem Civas:
Ekrem Civas
You can review the comment of a patient who had a hair transplant in Dr. Ekrem Civas here: "I have become 10 years younger in 6 months thanks to Ekrem Civas MD"

3. Tripaesthetic Hair Transplantation Center

trşpaestheticDr. Muhammet Ozgehan Hair is a medical doctor who has been working in the field of hair loss, hair diseases and hair transplant surgery since 2002. It was founded by Muhammet Ozgehan in 2014.

He has served more than 10 thousand patients from abroad. Hair diseases diagnosis and treatment, micro surgery FUE, FUT and DHI hair transplantation applications are performed in the clinic.

To get more information from this clinic or our doctor, you can examine the comments and thoughts of a patient who had a hair transplant: "My hair transplant process was very comfortable"

4. Fehmi Armani Clinic

Fehmi Armani Clinic is another Ankara Hair Transplantation center located in Ankara.

The clinic, which performs hair transplantation, hair transplantation with FUE Technique, DHI hair transplantation, unshaven hair transplantation, PRP treatment and hair transplantation treatments for women, takes its name from its founder physician Fehmi Arman, who is among the best hair transplant doctors in Ankara.
Hair transplantation with DHI technique in the clinic 2021 Ankara prices: between 500 dolar and 800 dolar; Hair transplantation prices with FUE technique: It is charged between 550 dolar and 1000 dolar.

5. Hairline Clinic

Hairline Clinic is a clinic that has mainly adopted the FUE technique in the field of hair transplantation.

Hairline Clinic hair transplant Ankara prices are in the range of 1500 Euros to 10.000 Euros for all-inclusive 2021 package price for 500-3500 graft hair transplantation.

Hairline Clinic, located in Cankaya, has been serving in the field of Hair Transplantation treatment in Ankara since 2013.

6. Ankara International Hair Transplantation Center

Ankara International Hair Transplantation Center is an institution serving under the leadership of Serdar Gokrem MD
FUE technique and DHI hair transplantation technique are used in Ankara International Hair Transplantation Center.

Ankara International Hair Transplantation Center, which has made a name for itself with its successful treatments in the field of hair transplantation in women, is located in Cankaya.

7. Este Science

Another of the hair transplant centers in Ankara that provides service.

FUE hair transplantation technique is at the forefront in the clinic where the satisfaction rate of those who have hair transplantation is high.

8. ECM Hair Transplantation Center

ECM Hair Transplantation Center in Ankara is a clinic established by Mehmet Ketene MD and has been in service since 1993.

In addition, one of the doctors with the highest level of satisfaction among Ankara hair transplant doctors, Dr. Muttalip Keser.

Plastic Surgery Specialist Dr. Muttalip Keser provides services in his own private practice.


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Last Update: 11/01/2023

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