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7 Things To Remember Before Your Rhinoplasty


By Emel Gerdaneri • Medical review by Tayfun Demirel, MD

7 Things To Remember Before Your Rhinoplasty

There is an increasing demand for rhinoplasty because almost everyone is aware of the aesthetic stance that this limb, located in the middle of the face, adds to the face...

So how much detailed information do you have about rhinoplasty, is it as easy and practical as it is said to be written almost everywhere?

ENT Specialist Tayfun Demirel, MD explains 7 facts about rhinoplasty that you haven't heard before:
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“Most people are not knowledgeable enough about nose surgeries. This is due to the transfer of certain pieces of information, unfortunately. I would like to mention some points that I think will be useful for those who have been considering rhinoplasty for a long time.

1. “Rhinoplasty Is Not Just For Aesthetic Purposes”

nose job for better breath
Yes, rhinoplasty is a frequently performed operation, even more than you might expect, because there are many unregistered cases.

Behind the people's interest in rhinoplasty are not only aesthetic concerns but also different problems. Many patients experience breathing problems due to a deviated septum or different nasal deformities.

The nose is a limb that warms and filters the air when you breathe, and the operation may not be just about the visual. Experienced trauma is surgery that has the potential to help people who suffer from breathing difficulties after injury.

2. “Nose Aesthetics Can Change Your Tone, Not Your Voice”

Rhinoplasty recovery If you go to an experienced doctor, your tone of voice will probably not change. But if you have a fracture or congestion in your nose, your voice will certainly be fresher and more accentuated after this problem is corrected after nose surgery.

3. “Nose Aesthetics Can Be Done With Different Techniques”

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In general, there are two main ways he can perform nose surgery. Open and closed technique.

The open technique is performed by making a small incision along the columella, the tissue that separates the two nostrils. Using the open technique gives the surgeon better access to the inside of the nose.

It also leaves a small scar on the outside of the nose. The closed technique, on the other hand, involves making an incision only on the inside of the nose.

Many patients think that the closed technique is preferable because there is no external scar. But the truth is that the use of the open or closed technique depends entirely on the patient's deformity.

While open rhinoplasty allows the surgeon to make enough changes to the nose structure to create the look you want, closed rhinoplasty can limit your options.

It should also be noted that the small scar left after open rhinoplasty is usually in a well-concealed area and is usually so small that few people notice it.

4. “Healing May Be Faster or Longer Than You Expected” Many people take about a week off work to rest and recuperate after rhinoplasty.

But thanks to advances in the way rhinoplasty is performed, the actual recovery time may be shorter and more comfortable than you think. But it could also be the other way around.

The healing process varies from patient to patient, it is very difficult to give a specific time.

Additionally, your surgeon is likely to prescribe pain medications after surgery, which will help relieve discomfort. In short, you can be sure that sooner or later you will get better.

5. “Things May Not Always Go Well, Revision May Be Needed”

revision nose
Sometimes you may not get the results you expect from rhinoplasty. In addition, a blow to the nose after surgery or misbehaviors during the recovery period may affect the results.

If you are not completely satisfied with your results or if your nose is damaged after your first surgery, revision rhinoplasty may be considered.

If you think you might need a revision, it's important to give your nose enough time to heal after your first rhinoplasty.

After the first surgery, it may take 6 months or even 1 year for the swelling to decrease and the final results to appear. For this reason, it is necessary to wait for the first rhinoplasty results to fully settle.

6. “There Are Some Prohibitions During the Nose Surgery Recovery Period”

rhinoplasty bans
Although the word forbidden is repulsive to most people, doing or staying away from all these will ensure that the recovery period passes healthily and there are no problems.

For example, you should avoid swimming or other types of exercise for several weeks after your nose surgery. You should also avoid sleeping on your stomach and smoking.

Especially foreign or out-of-town patients should avoid sneezing or coughing that may occur when boarding a plane, and should not wipe their noses.

For several weeks, you should not put any weight or pressure on your nose, including wearing glasses.

7. “Don't Rely Too Much on Computer Drawings Showing After Nose Aesthetics”

rhinoplasty photoshop I recommend that you do not rely too much on the drawings made with photoshop on the computer or showing your state after rhinoplasty with different applications.

Because a lot of research has been done on using computer simulations to best model a 'new' nose, and from what I've studied, I don't think these produced results are very realistic. Always enter the operation by trusting the education and art of your surgeon.


Written on 10/11/2020


Last Update: 17/06/2022

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