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5 Cosmetic Treatments and Alternatives You Should Avoid in Autumn

Written by Emel Gerdaneri.

5 Cosmetic Treatments and Alternatives You Should Avoid in Autumn

Although we are free to change our appearance as we wish, the aesthetic results should not threaten our health.

In fact, all of today's plastic surgery procedures should both satisfy you aesthetically, be under the expertise of your doctor, and not cause any health problems.

In these days when the autumn season is getting stronger, we have written about the aesthetic treatments that you should avoid this season, due to the increasing interest in cosmetic treatments.

With the help of our experts, we share with you five risky procedures and their lower risk counterparts.

1. Eyelash Transplant

eyelash transplantFor those who struggle with a medical condition such as hair loss or trichotillomania, or just want thicker, longer eyelashes, there is a procedure called permanent eyelash transplant.

It is actually a treatment just like traditional hair transplantation

Donor hair is taken from the scalp and placed on the lash line. We asked her opinion on eyelash transplantation to Ophthalmologist Dr.Hanzade Kocaturk:
Hanzade Kocaturk MD
“Correct placement of hairs in eyelash transplantation is critical not only to obtain a natural-looking result, but also for health. For example, I think that using pubic hair as a donor area can cause problems.

Yes, some hair transplant centers encourage the use of donor areas due to the curly nature of pubic hair, but I can say that using this hair type is risky.

While eyelash transplants are generally a bad idea, using pubic hair for grafts is even worse because the structure of the hair directly affects your eye health and safety.

These pubic hairs are typically much thicker and grow much more unevenly than eyelash hair or even scalp hair.

Pubic hair planted in the eyelash can grow into the eye, which puts your eyes at risk of irritation and abrasion, which can cause infection and permanent vision problems.

Irregularity of pubic hair will significantly increase the risk of growth into the eye and, as a result, potential corneal abrasion. Remember, your lashes are not just an accessory.

First of all, it is a shield that protects your eyes from dust, dirt and other debris. Randomly planted eyelashes cannot protect your eyes as much as natural ones, beyond the damage they may cause to your eyes.

For this procedure, it is also necessary to consider the moisture levels in your eyes. The meibomian glands behind the lash line produce oil that prevents your tears from evaporating too quickly.

Eyelash transplants can disrupt the overall structure of the eye, including the glands themselves, and cause chronic dry eye symptoms.

In summary, when lashes are unnaturally long, they create a wind tunnel effect and actually draw more air into the eye with each blink.This causes the tears to dry very quickly and produces dry eye symptoms that are very irritating.

Instead of eyelash transplantation, you can also use eyelash-strengthening serums and occasionally false eyelashes. Don't sacrifice the health of your eyes just for the beauty of your eyelashes!”

2. Silicone Injections

breastSilicone injections have long been used to add volume to all parts of the body.

Today, it is usually used in very small quantities, but the medicinal product used, Silicon 1000, is not approved for cosmetic use and there are too many people willing to try these non-medical use products.

The FDA clearly warns against the use of silicone for cosmetic enhancement.

Plastic Surgeon Soner Tezcan MD made the following statements about silicone injections:
Soner Tezcan MD
“As you say yes, silicone injections do not have FDA approval and the results tend not to take long. Silicone can become infected or cause a hard tissue called a granuloma that needs to be surgically removed.

In fact, I should say that in most cases, the silicone cannot be easily removed because it can circulate freely in the body when injected.

I advise patients hoping to remove existing silicone injections to consider the many instances that result in scarring or disfigurement.

Beyond the aesthetic losses, silicone injections can cause occlusion of blood vessels, resulting in tissue necrosis. This embolism can also travel through the body, leading to paralysis and even death.

Instead of silicone, hyaluronic acid fillers can be tried. In addition, fat grafts or implants may be preferred depending on their location.

3. “Barbie Nose” Rhinoplasty

Barbie NoseWhen we think of Barbie rhinoplasty, we think of a low nose bridge, a dramatically upturned nose tip, and a tiny button-shaped nose. ENT Specialist Ebru Topuz MD told her opinion:
Ebru Topuz MD
“The barbie nose cannot be accepted aesthetically because the nose must match the face. I do not believe in aggressive, unnatural surgery that will distort the face or body.

Beyond the aesthetic quirk of Barbie rhinoplasty, Diagnosis has great potential for complications, including reduced breathing ability and a weakened nasal structure that can cause everything to collapse.

Worse still, because the surgery requires the removal of so much soft tissue and cartilage, there is often not enough material left to use for the reconstruction.

Instead of a nose modeled from a doll, imagine a rhinoplasty that is perfectly tailored to your face and find a skilled and reliable surgeon. I just do what will look beautiful and natural for each patient. “

4. Rib Removal

rib removalWe are sure that there are those of you who have never thought of or even heard of this procedure. In fact, your second question is “Don't we need our ribs? “It has been.

But an urban legend has it that our bottom rib isn't really necessary. The purpose of removing the ribs is to make the waist look thinner, and we asked her opinions to Plastic Surgeon Ebru Sen MD:
Ebru Sen MD
“Yes, the lowest rib does not have a respiratory or protective function. Yes, if it is removed, it can make the waist look thin, but believe me, the result is not worth the effort.

Risks associated with rib removal include perforation of the rib cage under the ribs and causing a pneumothorax, or collapsed lung. Other risks include tissue damage and infection.

Instead of removing these bones, which puts you at risk for organ damage, a less invasive treatment may be tried. I can say that fat removal methods such as liposculpture and liposuction are a safer and more effective alternative.”

5. Calf Reduction

calf reductionIf you are complaining that your calves are muscular and large and you are looking for a calf reduction operation, you should think again. We asked Plastic Surgeon Tahsin Gorgulu MD for his thoughts.

“Yes, it mostly consists of calf muscle and can cause a bulky appearance for some. As there is usually very little fat to work with in this area, the most effective way to reduce a calf's size is to remove some of the muscle but I don't mind.
Tahsin Gorgulu MD
While surgical reduction of the calf muscle is possible, it is difficult to calibrate and often leaves an uneven surface.

If your goal is to weaken muscles, botox injections and other neurotoxins may be a cure but you face recurring treatment costs to maintain your results.

Considering that neurotoxin treatments take about three months, you should expect a high expense.

Alternatively, you can get rid of unwanted fat in the area actually usually around the ankle. The gold standard surgical fat removal and liposuction treatment in the ankle liposuction operation that I do quite a lot. “

Written on 23/09/2022


Last Update: 23/09/2022

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