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16 Things You Wish I Had Known Before Having a Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

By Emel Gerdaneri • Medical review by Emphair Hair Transplant

16 Things You Wish I Had Known Before Having a Hair Transplant

If you are considering a hair transplant, there is a lot of general information you can find on the internet. It is quite difficult to grasp which one is right for you and which one is right or wrong.

Emphair Hair Transplantation Center underlines that accurate information can only be accessed through examination, and furthermore, it can vary from person to person in the individual planning and post-processing of hair transplantation.

Emphair Hair Transplantation Center explains some of the issues you may encounter and apply before having a hair transplant:

1. Do Not Go Out at Night After a Hair Transplant

night out after hair transplantAnesthetic drugs and even sedation anesthesia may be given during hair transplantation. This can make you feel heavy and sluggish afterwards.

The possibility of falling, hitting anything can increase the risk of damaging the newly planted grafts. If you have come from the city or abroad for hair transplantation, it would be right to rest at your hotel or home.

2. You Can Wear a Hat for the First 2 Months

wear a hatThe graft sites planted in the first week are visible. After a few weeks, your hair will start to fall out and then it will start to grow slowly.

With the advice of your doctor, if you want to hide this process from the outside world, you can use a hat that you like, which is soft, does not sweat and provides a good camouflage.

3. Your Donor Area Can Be Bandaged

donor areaAfter your hair transplant, your donor area can be bandaged. Then, although it varies according to the hair transplant center, this bandage is usually removed the next day and the donor area is washed.

A slight stinging sensation may occur while the donor area is being washed.

4. Don't Expect Results Immediately

hair transplant resultYou should wait about two months to see real hair growth. Even after two months, hair growth is weak and not homogeneous, but the result of hair transplantation is completed within one year.

5. Take a Shoot Your Hair Transplant Process Weekly

hair transplant precess weeklyIf you take photo your hair growth on a weekly basis, you can better observe the progress you may not notice and monitor the result. It will also make you feel good psychologically.

This will help you not to wonder why you are not seeing any results.

6. Get Plenty of Sleep Before Hair Transplant

sleep before hair transplantIt is recommended to sleep upright for a few days after hair transplantation. To prepare for this, make sure you get enough sleep the night before you have your hair transplant.

7. Examine the Hairline Drawn on Your Head During Planning

drawn In the hair transplant examination, a hairline is drawn on the front of your head. This is the border line of planting where your hair will start.

At this point, if there is an image that does not appeal to you, make sure to explain the issue to your hair transplant doctor.

Fine adjustments can be made to your hairline. Remember, you will have to live with the drawn hairline and if you are not satisfied, you should intervene.

8. Take Some Time Off From Your Job

job“I wish I took more time off work after getting a hair transplant.” The number of people who say it is quite large. It would be appropriate to take a week off from work to recover.

9. Don't Panic

hair transplantThe first few months and especially the first two weeks after hair transplantation can be a stressful period. You may feel like you are not getting any results. But don't panic. Just stick to the program.

It will take about four to five months for you to see results.

10. Shave Your Neck

shaveIt will take some time for the top of your hair to regrow, but meanwhile, the nape and sides continue to grow.

Shaving these parts in the following days will make you look more well-groomed, as it will give an even appearance.

11. Take Care of Your Head

take careBumping your head against something is already painful. However, such an impact on the first or two days after a hair transplant can also damage your grafts.

For example, be very careful when getting into a car or opening a locker near you.

12. Be Prepared for Your Forehead Swelling

foreheadAlthough a band is placed on your head to prevent edema, edema is likely to occur during the first five days after the operation. This is due to local anesthesia. But remember that it eventually passes.

13. Try Not to Look Down

look downKeeping your head down will increase edema. Try not to tilt your head so that your forehead is facing down.

14. Attention to Nutrition for the Few Days After the Operation

nutritionWe recommend avoiding tea, coffee and carbonated drinks for the first 24 hours, and avoiding , multi-vitamin tablets, alcohol and very salty foods for the first three days.

15. Pay Attention to Exercise in the First 10 Days

exerciseEven after the first 10 days, we recommend that you be very careful and selective about the exercises you do and stay away from sports where you can hit your head.

16. Beware of the Pool, Swimming or Sauna

swimWe recommend that you stay away from activities such as pool, swimming and sauna for the first 15 days.

Written on 02/09/2022


Last Update: 02/09/2022

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