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10 Tips to Improve Your Summer Skincare Routine

Skin Care

By Emel Gerdaneri • Medical review by Gokce Haspolat, MD

10 Tips to Improve Your Summer Skincare Routine

In the most active summer season, which is currently ongoing, we have undoubtedly started to be more energetic and social, and to be outside more.

This means that we want our skin to be bright and full of life for summer activities. Here are the top 10 tips you can do to help your skin look its best. Physician Gokce Haspolat MD gives us some tips:
Gokce Haspolat MD
“Summer has finally arrived. But it is a season that wears out the skin the most and the skin should never be neglected from the inside or outside. That's why I want to give you a little tip.

Take Your Vitamins Regularly

vitaminMultivitamins and antioxidants are vital to good skin care, so I recommend incorporating them into your daily life. If you are not sure whether you are getting enough of these, you can consult a doctor.

Be Sure To Remove Your Make-Up

remove make upIt is extremely important to remove all your makeup before going to bed or when it has been on your skin for a long time.

If your make-up stays on your skin for hours, your skin cannot breathe in this state and causes different skin problems.

Let Your Skin Breathe

skin breathWhen your skin is constantly under make-up, it does not have a chance to breathe and breathe fresh air. When this situation continues for a long time, it can cause your skin to lose its vitality and become dull.

Don't Forget Your Lips

lipsLips tend to dry out, especially when exposed to the sun for hours. Moisturize them to prevent them from drying out and starting to crack with Vaseline or any good lip balm.

Clean Your Makeup Brushes

make up brushesCleaning your make-up brushes not only removes make-up residues, but also allows you to get rid of bacteria that may form there. I recommend cleaning your brushes regularly.

Choose The Right Night Cream

night creamYou can consult us to make sure that you use a night cream that does not harm your skin. Some night creams are thick and heavy and can worsen any acne condition, so your doctor will recommend the right product based on your skin texture and seasonal conditions.

Find The Right Moisturizer

moinsturizerUsing a good moisturizer will benefit everyone, but be sure to choose one that suits your skin type. For example, if you have oily skin, a light moisturizer will be appropriate.

Never Forget Sunscreen

sunscreenThis is essential to protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun and prevent sunspots, but make sure you apply it about 20 minutes before going outside and then reapply every two or three hours.

Use The Right Cleaner

right cleanerFor someone with dry skin a mild cleanser will be best, since on the side a heavier cleanser is best for someone with oily skin.

Washing your face is an essential part of your skincare routine, and finding the right cleanser is just as important.

Get Lots Of Sleep and Drink Water

drink aterTwo of the best ways to prevent the effects of premature aging and fine lines are to get a good night's sleep and drink enough water.

You will wake up feeling refreshed and revitalized and your skin will show this freshness.

Professional Skin Care

skin careIf your skincare routine isn't achieving the great results you hoped for, you may want to consider professional skincare options.

You can contact my clinic to inquire about some hi-tech possibilities to rejuvenate and repair damaged skin. “

Written on 06/07/2022


Last Update: 06/07/2022

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