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10 Mistakes You Make While Moisturizing Your Face

Skin Care

By Emel Gerdaneri • Medical review by Gokce Haspolat, MD

10 Mistakes You Make While Moisturizing Your Face

How is your skin hydration routine?  Are you using the right products and applying them correctly? Or do you always skip moisturizing your skin? 

Physician Dr. Gokce Haspolat explains the common mistakes made while moisturizing our face:
Gokce Haspolat MD

1. Find the Right Moisturizer

Using the wrong moisturizer is just as wrong as using the wrong foundation! Your skin type is very important and the product to be used changes accordingly.

Every skin type has a different rate of absorption and retention and accordingly they need the right moisturizer!

2. Do Not Apply  Moisturizer Hardly

Rubbing the moisturizer too hard will never work! Gently rubbing in a circular motion is good as it increases blood circulation, but rubbing too much can damage the skin and cause inflammation!

I recommend using the fourth finger, which is the weakest of all fingers, to apply moisturizer to the eyelids. Since the eyelid is much thinner than the rest of the skin, it needs more care and we do less damage to the eyelids if we use our fourth finger, the ring finger.

3. Exfoliate Your Skin at Regular Intervals

peelingExfoliate your skin regularly , your pores tend to get clogged with dead skin and dirt. This creates a barrier for your skin to absorb the moisturizer and tends to become dehydrated! It also increases the likelihood of acne.

4. Let Skin Absorb Moisturizer

skin absorb moisturizerIf you're layering too much product at once, you're usually not allowing the moisturizer to be absorbed. For example, it is wrong to apply foundation or sunscreen immediately after applying moisturizer.

This does not allow the skin pores to absorb and set the moisturizer. Before applying another product on it, you should give it at least 3 minutes so that the skin is ready for the moisturizer.

5. Don't Use the Wrong Cream at the Wrong Time

moisturizerThere are different types of moisturizers on the market and each product is suitable for its purpose. A moisturizer with SPF cannot be used at night . Similarly, night creams are not for the day either.

6. Use the Right Moisturizer for the Season

right moisturizer for the seasonSummer is over and skin needs more moisture right now. In summer, more water-based moisturizers are more accurate. In winter, your preference should be more oil-based moisturizing creams.

Seasons change the texture of the skin and require a change in moisturizer as well.

7. Don't Replace Moisturizer with Oils

oisYes, oils are highly hydrating products, but they can't always replace moisturizers. There are multiple moisturizing creams that are enriched with certain nutrients that are good for the skin.

I recommend adding both skin oils and moisturizers to your routine for the best looking skin.

8. Cleanse Your Skin Well

clean your skinIf it is not cleaned properly, you will never be able to moisturize your skin properly. Cleansing cleans the pores and keeps the skin well moisturized. Skin pores can become clogged every day, depending on lifestyle.

One of the main causes of clogging of skin pores is pollution to which the skin is exposed. A proper cleansing routine ensures better hydration and absorption of the skin, so always make sure the skin is thoroughly cleansed before applying moisturizer!

9. Use Eye Cream

eye creamWe know that our facial skin is very sensitive, but I'm not sure how few people know that the skin around the eyes is much more sensitive. The moisturizing creams you use regularly are not enough to moisturize this area.

Hence, I recommend purchasing eye creams to remove issues like dark circles and eye puffiness.

10. Don't Skip Moisturizer Because of Pimples

pimplesIf your skin is acne and acne prone, it's not a good idea to skip moisturizer. Pimples are caused by clogged skin pores with sebum, the sebaceous glands that trap dirt.

If your skin is acne-prone, you can mix an oil-free moisturizer with retinol to reduce irritation and moisturize the skin at the same time.

Written on 13/09/2022


Last Update: 13/09/2022

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