Orhan Murat Ozdemir, MD

Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
Cankaya / Ankara
- Years of Experience
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Orhan Murat Ozdemir, MD Questions

Answered on 20 October 2020
Answer: Hello, I am Hatice Cetinkaya, assistant of Dr. Orhan Murat Ozdemir. We cannot view your photo. For t... View Answer
Answered on 22 September 2020
Answer: You have explained your problems very well, but unfortunately, it would not be right to try to solve... View Answer
Answered on 17 September 2020
Answer: By contacting us when you are available, we first evaluate your suitability and condition, make your... View Answer
Answered on 27 May 2020
Answer: As a result of a nose surgery that has passed 4.5 months, it cannot be examined with a picture, nor... View Answer
Answered on 29 April 2020
Answer: Our patients with chronic diseases such as type 1 diabetes can only be followed up if their blood su... View Answer
Answered on 29 April 2020
Answer: You can contact us on 03124482361 or 05424482361 or 05335693103 to get answers to your questions abo... View Answer
Answered on 26 February 2020
Answer: Tugay Bey, Nose tip aesthetics can reduce nose tip thickness and nose tip angles can be changed. Cle... View Answer
Answered on 29 February 2020
Answer: Ms. Zeynep, the under-eye area may cause a tired image as you say. However, I do not think surgery i... View Answer