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Cenk Teker, MD Questions

Answered on 13 September 2022
Answer: We do not recommend surgery if there is any infection in the body. View Answer
Answered on 01 November 2022
Answer: It may be due to edema. In any case, you have to wait. It would be better if you support it with pho... View Answer
Answered on 05 November 2022
Answer: Of course, the operation of people with thick skin can be a little difficult. But with the right sur... View Answer
Answered on 18 November 2022
Answer: You don't need to be afraid. Nasal septum deviation causes you to not be able to use the functions o... View Answer
Answered on 06 December 2022
Answer: One month is a very early time for the result of the surgery, it is necessary to wait a bit. Edema m... View Answer
Answered on 22 December 2022
Answer: Hello, if it is a pain associated with the cause of the curvature, of course, we expect this pain to... View Answer
Answered on 13 October 2022
Answer: As long as individuals over the age of 18 do not have a medical problem, surgery can be performed. View Answer