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Dr. Elif Çolak graduated from medical school.  After completed her compulsory state service, she started to work in a private health institution. In 2012, opened her private clinic called L'uva Klinik.

L’uva Clinic grew rapidly in the first 5 years and reached many clients from both Turkey and different countries of the world. The clinic, which was divided into sections in 2017, has departments named L'uva Klinik, L'uva Nail Spa, L'uva Fit according to the procedures applied.

In addition to medical treatments and cosmetic procedures within the body of L'uva Clinic, L'uva Academy has also started its activities.

She continues her medical and cosmetic services under the management of Elif Çolak.


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Elif Colak, MD is an expert in the field of Medical Physician.
Elif Colak, MD serves its patients in Botox, Lip Filler, Under Eye Filler treatments.
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