Why Turkey Ranks First in Hair Transplantation in the World?

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By Emel Gerdaneri • Medical review by Esteinnova Sac Ekimi Merkezi

Why Turkey Ranks First in Hair Transplantation in the World?

Do you have a hair loss problem? Do you want a hair transplant with an extremely well planned and reasonable budget?

In that case, we can say that Turkey is the most accurate and best country for hair transplantation.

We are proud to be a country that has significantly improved its medical infrastructure over the past decade, offering hair transplant and different treatment options.

We asked Esteinnova Hair Transplantation Center the reasons why hair transplant clinics in Turkey are highly recommended:
“There are many reasons that make Turkey a great place for hair transplant surgery. As Esteinnova Hair Transplantation Center, we can list the feedback we receive from our patients in our practice as follows:

  • We perform high quality hair transplantation at reasonable prices. Compared to other countries, our country provides significant cost savings, especially in hair transplant operations.

  • Hair transplant costs in Istanbul are at least 60% - 80% lower than similar procedures in western countries.

  • All doctors and staff members in Turkey are fluent in English and alternative languages.

  • We use the latest technologies for hair transplantation. We follow new technologies closely and apply what we find right.

  • The average waiting time for the patient's hair transplant operation is much less than in other countries.

  • We are extremely respectful to the patient's rights and law.

  • We create different hair transplant packages.

  • We closely follow the post-hair transplant process of our patients.

  • The whole process is done under the control and supervision of our team, from being picked up from the airport and placed in the hotel, to performing the hair transplant operation and sending it back to the country.

  • Our patients feel safe and comfortable.

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All these factors cause foreign patients to prefer our country for hair transplantation.

Since they are very happy with the results of hair transplantation, they recommend it to almost everyone who has hair loss problems when they return to their country. “

Written on 08/03/2023


Last Update: 08/03/2023

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